Summer is Here!

Summer is Here!

Here is to the FIRST day of Summer!  

School is out and the sunshine is in!  

I have so many good memories of summers when i was a kid.  That wet pavement smell after a 5pm thundershower and the sounds of crickets in the evenings.  Dusty baseball fields and fresh cut grass on Saturday mornings. 

Turning my bike upside down on its handle bars and seat, and tweaking the chain, spritzing the WD-40…a 12 year old’s version of the full tune up….add a couple baseball cards in the spokes and I’m off for hours with my friends.  Who knows, maybe we find a ravine to stomp through…maybe it’s a hot game of “Wall Ball” on the side of the Elementary School down the street with those ratty tennis balls we found in the garage.   Maybe it's a pick up game of wiffle-ball or touch football…anywhere we can find open grass…

Lunchtime?  Nah….no time for that… In and out of the house for a quick snack and we’re off for hours more.   Thirsty?…Yup, local convenience store for monster size Slush Puppies…or maybe one of those huge 2-foot-long freezies.  Those things were cold!  Minimum of 2 brain-freezes per unit ingested. That's just the science.  I'm convinced that riding with those mega-freezies is the reason I am an expert one-hand-bike-rider today!   

Home for dinner then out again…..until the street lights came on…that’s when we came home...called it a day.  Those were good days.   

Summertime is memory making time.  Wishing all the kids a great start to their summer adventures.  Get outside….do all the stuff….get dirty.  Make your summer GREAT!




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