A Day in the Life of Eddie Nuff

A Day in the Life of Eddie Nuff

"Eddie's Focus"


Intro to algebra and solving for “x”,
grammar and spelling and essays are next. 
French conjugation and history dates,
geography maps, science measures and weights.
So much to do and tests coming up,
Lots on my plate, so much in my cup!
Practice till eight, and homework till ten,
get up in the morning, and do it over again.

Get in the zone, don’t think about ball,
…or line drives or grounders or playoffs next fall.
…or pop flies or strike zones or if my uniform fits,
…or starting at shortstop, or if i’ll get any hits.
Ok,… back to math and solving for “y”,
or was it for “x”, she said something about Pi.
What the heck does pie have to do with this test?
..or a train travelling 60 miles an hour from the west…?
..or Suzy with 19 apples and Greg with the rest….?
..whatever the case, I’m so not impressed.
Suzy seems greedy….and now i’m more stressed !
Balls and strikes and hot grounders to short,
I’d much rather think of my favourite sport,
…and blue skies and green fields and the crack of the bat,
and my mitt, lucky socks and faded green hat.
Sinkers and sliders and change-ups that bluff,
Ok, I should focus — i can get through this stuff…,
My grades are important, even though this is tough,
I can do the hard things, just focus and trust,
the wants are all good, but the needs are a must !
Now is for science, math, english and french,
so i’m parking my wants on the dream dugout bench.
There will be a time for fastballs and curves,
But right now that distraction isn’t what serves
my best interest is learning and calming my nerves,
and knowing this math and spelling these words.
So pencil to paper, no complaining, no guff.
Head down and focus, cause I am E. Nuff.
- KJW - 
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