Home of Norman Rockwell

Home of Norman Rockwell

We took an incredible trip to Boston this summer...

Loved all the history, walked all the places, and did all the things.

We jammed so much into our 5 day whirlwind trip...

But, what is a trip to Boston without a 3 hour detour west to Stockbridge?

Stockbridge, Mass. Approximate population - 2,000.

An All- American town with Colonial style homes, stores that close at dinner time, and a 250 year old Inn with a large front porch.

A Main street that you'll miss if you blink...and a small town feel - the kind of town that the people are friendly, everyone knows everyone, and if you asked the waitress at the local diner about what kind of fun there is to be had in town, she would EASILY tell you ALL about the Friday night Little League baseball game (while delivering your milkshakes and root beer floats)...How this year the team is going all the way to State, and that they are only going to be able to hold on to this winning season if Billy's arm will heal for next week's semi-final matchup against Pittsfield. You know...Billy Larson...the shop owner's son....That kind of town.

Stockbridge was the home of one of my all time favourite illustrators and artists...Mr. Normal Rockwell.

We spent the afternoon in the Museum dedicated to him and his legacy, and the rest of the evening taking in the sights and smells and stories of the town...

I soaked up all the history...all the stories...all the nostalgia.

It was a surreal experience for me. But, strangely familiar.

I love that kind of town.

Thank you Stockbridge. Thank you Mr. Rockwell.

Bucket List - check!

With gratitude,



Mr. Norman Rockwell 
16" x 20" Watercolour and Pencil 
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