Most Valuable Player

Most Valuable Player

“Most Valuable Player"
The QUICK counts
all the goals he’s scored,
while the FAST hate waiting, 
too slow, so bored.

The STRONG stands close, 
content with his muscles, 
and the TALL believes 
his height equals hustle.

The PROUD is satisfied 
with all he has done,
he thinks the game, 
‘cause of him, has been won.

But none will consider
it takes ALL to succeed, 
they’ve only one thought,
their need is their creed. 

Winning takes teamwork, 
not one left behind,
the KIND knows what keeps 
the best teams aligned.

These players have Names, 
they’re not how we describe, 
Those physical traits 
fans see from the side.

Speed can be taught, 
strength can be learned,
a leader emerges 
from respect they have earned.
Look for the KIND,
they care with no greed,
they plant, and they sow 
the sportsmanship seeds.

Seeds that spread 
in those gardens of players 
roots so strong, 
displacing weedy naysayers.

Lessons and skills 
for a life how to BE. 
Vote for the KIND,
Eddie Nuff for M.V.P!



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