'Nuff Love

'Nuff Love

This part of my story was inspired by an original painting by Norman Rockwell called "Puppy Love" that he created in 1926 for the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. 

What if the kids in this original piece were named Eddie and Ivy?  


What if Eddie and Ivy made it? 

What if the love they found on that bench when they were 9 years old was the start of a life together filled with happiness, sadness, kindness, loss, frustrations, celebrations….shared together?  

What if they made it all the way….?

That bench would have stories.  A bench filled with splinters and carvings and dents and imperfections.  Just like it should be in a life well-lived.  

Eddie Nuff and Ivy Love…

E. Nuff and I. Love….

I. Love E. Nuff…

Nuff and Love…

Nuff Love
…Not too much, not too little, but just ‘Nuff.

‘Nuff Love for enduring hardship,
‘Nuff Love for reaching dreams
‘Nuff Love for shouldering pain
‘Nuff Love for sharing secrets
‘Nuff Love for repairing ruptures
‘Nuff Love for connection
‘Nuff Love for being apart
‘Nuff Love for togetherness

‘Nuff Love to meet on the bench again and look at each other the same way they did all those years ago.  

‘Nuff Love to be better together.

I. Love you…E. Nuff.”…she says.

I love you too, Ivy.”  

'Nuff said ;)


‘Nuff Love

First held hands at the age of nine,
Shared a kiss for the 1st time.
Would you be mine…?
Each other’s valentine.
Best friends, many fights,
Sharing talks, seeing sights,
Counting stars on summer nights,
Covered stories with one flashlight.

Seventy six birthdays
gone so fast.
Fragile, frail bodies
carrying memories that last.

Hearts still young
as that first day on the bench.
The right person, right place
Soul’s magic…
Love quenched.

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